About Us

Peak believes that every person has the right to have goals and dreams. That is why providing opportunities for people to be able to fulfill their dreams and goals to greatest extent that they can is what we do every day.
Peak would like the world to be a place where people with disabilities have the same rights and opportunities to enjoy the things their communities have to offer. To make this happen, Peak is committed to being a leader in helping people with disabilities to make choices in their lives based on their likes, skills and abilities 


Peak believes in a team-based approach! We want to work with parents, guardians, and other service providers to create the best possible supports.


Peak began providing services to adults with developmental disabilities in 1992. The original vision of Peak was to provide maximum vocational integration in the community. Peak was established as an employment placement agency (presently the activity of our Employment Supports Services).


Changes have taken place over the years to expand services beyond employment and now the agency accommodates individuals of various ages with different types of goals for their lives.


Peak provides the following services to Adults:

  • Daily Supports
  • Employment Training
  • Residential Services
  • Assistance with people with FASD going through the Justice system


Peak provides the following services to Children:

  • Daily Supports
  • Summer Camp